Truck Flat Fender – This Is What Professionals Use

Truck Flat Fender - This Is What Professionals Use

Truck Flat Fender is really important in order to protect your heavy-duty equipment. However, before we go into much in-depth of the article, let us understand.

What are the Materials required for Flat Fenders?

Truck fenders are generally made from polypropylene, metal as well as fiberglass. However, when choosing the best fender material, it depends upon the conditions you will be required for driving. So let us understand some of the materials.

a. Fiberglass

These are some of the popular materials for choice regarding trucks and required for high-end applications. With fiberglass, some of the most important fenders are produced, which can be quickly repainted. However, the disadvantage with fiberglass fenders is that it is more prone to scratches. It is also prone to damages and runs at a higher price scale.

b. Plastic Fenders

Fenders which are constructed from plastic are generally quite cost-efficient and durable. They are really prone to a lot of harsh weather conditions. Also, with such fenders, you don’t really need to worry about the damage as it really replaces your fenders. You can also try to shape the plastic fenders as you like.

c. Fenders made of metals

Metal fenders give your heavy equipment a stylish, high-end look without sacrificing the durability and dependability it requires. Stainless steel and aluminum are the most popular metals used to make fenders. It can be difficult to choose between stainless steel and aluminum because they both offer outstanding durability and corrosion resistance, but each material has its own set of advantages.

d. Stainless Steel Fenders

Fenders made of stainless steel are among the most attractive. While they resemble aluminum fenders in appearance, they differ in a few ways. When compared to aluminum, stainless steel is a heavier material with better dent and warp resistance. Furthermore, rather than needing to replace a fender, it is easily weldable.

e. Aluminum Fenders

Although both aluminum and stainless steel fender materials are durable and have a great polished surface, aluminum offers a few advantages. Aluminum fenders are less in weight and help to increase fuel efficiency by preventing the extra weight from being added to the truck. Aluminum also has the advantage of being naturally corrosion-resistant, which means it will never rust! Aluminum fenders, on the other hand, are more prone to dents, scratches, and cracks and are more difficult to fix, so you may have to replace the entire fender.

Now let us understand

What are the Styles of Fender?

Once you have decided on a type of fender, the next step is to find the style

a. OE Style

These fenders, which are purchased by customers, look to provide the truck an upgraded look and want to hide more minor damage. These generally require drilling and do not use the same type of factory holes.

b. Street Fenders

Although sizes may differ they are somewhat smaller than the OE style fender, thereby giving it a much sleeker as well as low profile appearance. It has a great showroom style; however, generally, on roads, you will find the OE Style fenders.

c. Pocket Style

For trucks that are quite heavy, you generally have the pocket style. These flares generally provide greater protection as well as give it an extremely tough look. Trucks that generally have this look stand out quite easily on the road. These generally have a number of pockets with a bolt set, thereby giving quite a good appearance.

d. Extended Style

The Extended Type is for folks who require significant extension but don’t like the harsh and gritty appearance of the Pocket / Bolt style. Don’t be fooled: these flares are still incredibly durable and provide your truck a rugged appearance, but they don’t stick out as much as the bolted style. Customers who just want to get the job done or prefer a non-bolted, extended look will love these.

Now let us understand the difference between Metals and Polypropylene Fenders

  • Aluminum Products generally offer a variety of fenders through which you can choose from which is like 36 models and 12 designs made out of aluminum as well as stainless steel.
  • These products also meet the application and styles as well, as they are versatile.

However, the only downside is that it is a bit costly and this is were

Polypropylene Fenders come into context

  • Polypropylene Fenders are quite durable and resist corrosion as well as damage even in the harshest conditions
  • They are also easily repaired, and these can even be done on the spot.

Summing Up

In this article, we talk about the professional use of truck flat-fender and the different varieties of fender.

About the author: Earnest B. Sells

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