Citrus Heights Massage by Good Hands

Citrus Heights Massage by Good Hands

The benefits of massage therapy include stress relief, pain relief, and reduced risk of chronic diseases. Good Hands Massage offers full-body Swedish massages, deep tissue massages (including reflexology foot massages), as well as fresh linens and Chinese tea to make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Full Body Massage

Our specialty is Citrus Heights Full Body Massage using Swedish and Ashiatsu techniques. By easing tension and muscle pain, Swedish massages relax muscles and relieve stress. Ashiatsu is similar to Japanese massage in that it uses deep tissue techniques that are performed barefoot by breaking up knots in deeper layers of muscles that Swedish massage cannot reach.

Deep Tissue Massage

Pain in the muscles is a result of strained or overworked muscles, which Citrus Heights Deep Tissue Massage treats. Through its ability to untangle blood vessels deep within the tissues, deep tissue massage allows one to become more flexible and mobile. Some studies have found that the treatment eases pain related to chronic conditions such as arthritis in patients. You might experience specific pain relief from deep tissue massage if you have been injured or stressed. A workout might hurt your back, sitting at a desk all day can stiffen your joints, or going down the wrong staircase might cause stubborn leg pain!

Reflexology (Foot Massage)

Foot reflexology is different from deep-tissue massage in that no clothing is removed. Because of this, Foot Massage in Citrus Heights Reflexology is able to benefit even people who are too uncomfortable to utilize full services. As it balances your body’s health, it is good for treating autoimmune diseases, inflammation, and mental disorders.

We offer combination massage services during which you can receive multiple types of massage at the same time. Upon arrival at the spa, bathrobes and towels are provided. We have an office on Auburn Boulevard in Citrus Heights where you can book an appointment any time!

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