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In a number of embodiments, the oleaginous composition of the present invention features a combination of no less than one hydrophobic solvent and no less than one co-solvent.

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Car Modification,car modification shops,car modification shop,car modification shop near me,car modification shops near meWe’re specialists in automotive efficiency and understand the importance of prime-performing gear to your vehicle. Drag automobile : Cars modified for straight-line speed and acceleration. The method might additional embody adjusting the type and focus of surfactant and gelling agent to provide a foamable composition. At Sparklers Car, we provide the customization of drugs knob.

Nonetheless, ionic surfactants are identified to be pores and skin irritants in a concentration-dependent method, and thus, their use within the remedy of sensitive skin and different physique tissues could be very restricted. The oleaginous foam compositions of the present invention are further useful for intra-vaginal and rectal treatment of sexually-transmitted and non-sexually-transmitted infectious illness (STDs).

Slight shifts in foam composition, such because the addition of an active ingredient, might destabilize the froth. Select from a huge selection of automotive equipment online, store on Amazon India and customise your driving experience. An additional class of foam adjuvant according to the current invention includes a long chain fatty alcohol or fatty acid, wherein the carbon atom chain is branched.

VIP type : A Japanese fashion of customizing luxurious automobiles that evolved from Bōsōzoku. The therapeutic agent is chosen for the remedy or prophylaxis of a dysfunction of the pores and skin, mucosal membrane, ear channel, vagina, penile urethra and rectum. Our team carries the expertise to work on efficiency luxurious vehicles and exotics.

In case you fall into this category, nevertheless, it’s clever to consider carefully before making any modifications or modifications to your automobile. In yet another aspect, the current invention also supplies a way of designing a foamable composition, containing a minimum of one active agent that is substantially insoluble in a hydrocarbon solvent including mineral oil.

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In a number of embodiments, the oleaginous composition of the present invention includes a mixture of at least one hydrophobic solvent and no less than one co-solvent. 11. The composition of declare 1, wherein the not less than one gelling agent is selected from the group consisting of pure polymeric supplies, semi-artificial polymeric supplies, artificial polymeric materials, inorganic gelling agents, and mixtures of any two or more thereof.


At Sparklers Car, we provide the customization of substances boot. The compositions of the current invention comprise at least one solvent chosen from a hydrophobic solvent, a co-solvent, an emollient and mixtures thereof, which gives a refatting and skin soothing impact.

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